From my pen

It’s the art in me which keeps me alive. The sound of that crisp blank page and Oh what pretty ink which brings it to life. “

I am Dipti Tripathi. I am a Doctor, an enthusiast Writer and a Mommy blogger. I believe writing can take to places unimaginable and can bring revolutionary changes. Philosophy interests me more than anything else. I hope to give the element of my creativity to the world.

I write Quotes, Poems, Short stories of different genres and aspire to write a book.

Life is to learn and we should keep learning life. I hope my writing brings a positive change in some way.

Published by dreamingkaleido

I am a Doctor, an enthusiast Writer, a Blogger and a Mommy Blogger I believe Writing can take to places unimaginable. It's mostly around and within me which inspires me to write. Philosophy interests me.

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