“Flower of Hope” a poem

the heap of dry leaves,
the warm breeze,
she’s walking in the streets,
with a sore heart indeed,
it was the other day,
when the sun’s first ray,
never felt so harsh,
it’s the story of the loss,
the grief, the pain,
but the sun, the rain,
will give her rainbows,
when the flower of hope grows,
she finds a fur ball on the way,
with an aching limb who wants to say,
I am yours pick me up,
her heart melts when she looks at the pup,
she cares she cures,
look the flower of hope grows among other flowers.

Published by dreamingkaleido

I am a Doctor, an enthusiast Writer, a Blogger and a Mommy Blogger I believe Writing can take to places unimaginable. It's mostly around and within me which inspires me to write. Philosophy interests me.

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