Sand and Sun

she shines like the Sand upon his rise“He’s her Sun” Love, Parallel Growth


they fly and take me to the world of seasons,where I hop along my imaginary plane.through sun, through flowers, through rainy showers,through rustling leaves, through ice cold breeze.I have a pot in hands while I return back,I plant a seed and see it growing with all the elements I had picked up from that worldContinue reading “Thoughts”

The Musician

All he had was a Silent Applaud, an Invisible Crowd and a Fearless Heart. Dedicated to the Specially Abled.

Lamp “the messenger”

She holds the lamp looking for him on the dark streets.She doesn’t know It holds his name engraved on it. Lamp will take her to him.

Nature Paints

I saw nature painting the bricks in one corner of my house as green, white and black. rainbrick stainsgreenwhiteblacknature paints

The Wing

like a flapping wing, it takes us higher and higher. It’s “Love” #simile

The Perfect Time

the magical aromathe wonderful sightand the sheer silence Perfect time to sip on my coffee.


He wears her shadow,which she left against the moonlight, the day they were put asunder.

Future and Past

I draw pictures in Future to make them memories of Past. dreamingdreaming with open eyes


The warm air, the sunlight, and the clouds, is all I am surrounded with. I am in my parachute of imagination right now.


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