“Firefly” the guiding light

I found a light twinkling shyly on a starless night,It never spoke and led me to a place I had never been.The pleasant smell was filling up the air,the sound of beetles was familiar.I wondered or I dreamt as it left me under the morning sky,with a lighted up spirit amongst the lilies bright.

The Book

here is a book I have been reading It makes me laugh, it makes me cry, it seems interesting, it seems dry, sometimes I dream, a few chapters- what they mean?it takes me through all seasons,it teaches me to have reasons,it’s complete, it makes me stick with it it’s one of a kind, it’s calledContinue reading “The Book”

The Transformation

She was hidden inside,from the world outside,forbidden to sway.The wonder, the hope,in their brightest robe,would take the darkness away. That symphony, that unusual rhyme,Oh its time, its time,it’s the clock ticking.Her adventure would begin,with the coming hour,when she’ll outgrow as a flower. “Adventure of a bud begins when it becomes a flower.”


“Oh how I wish, I had my own Shadow, my Doppelganger.”, The Sun whispered with a sense of longing in it’s rays. Here, the Sun wishes to own one as it sees the cast shadows of other celestial and terrestrial bodies. Sun is the brightest star. It could cast it’s shadow only if there wasContinue reading “Shadow”